Jumat , 21 Februari 2020
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Social Climber

Growing up in the 80s, I was all about those tongue-in-cheek how-to books. My friends and I spent hours dog-earing the pages of our Official Preppy Handbook, alternating between astonishment and wonder. Just how many of these tips could we realistically aspire to? Should we wear collars up or down? How do we behave at the yacht club? What are the best qualities in a preppy boyfriend?

Now there’s a new guidebook on the block. It’s just right for our Get Famous on Reality TV world and it’s called The Social Climber’s Bible: A Book of Manners, Practical Tips, and Spiritual Advice for the Upwardly Mobile. Penned by Johnson & Johnson heir Jazz and society crasher Dirk Wittenborn, this book is seriously whacked — but in only the best possible ways.


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